In a world so fast paced like the one we live in today, it’s so easy to lose ourselves.

Mental Health issues have always existed and right now the world is more aware than ever and although it’s great to be aware we also need to know how to support ourselves and our loved ones when the going gets tough.

My name is Haleema, I have lived a challenging life and overcome battles that should have defeated me, I have experienced first hand what can happen when your mental health problems are not identified and acted upon. Through my own personal determination and a recovery plan I structured for myself, thankfully I have come out the other side, but sadly not everyone does.

Mental Health issues are something that will always exist and my mission is to travel the world educating people on Mental Health so that we can live in a world where no one is afraid to speak up, where no one is judged, where people know how to support each other and can do so in a healthy manner. I want to remove the thought “what will other people think” from the minds of our society. I want to teach people how to love and accept themselves unconditionally and how to create a life for themselves that they want and deserve. 

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Sending infinite love and blessings your way!

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