Overthinking – Part 1.

Did you know:

1. An average of 73% of 25-35 year olds identify as over-thinkers

2. 100% of anxiety/panic attacks are a result of overthinking⠀

3. Consistent excessive worrying WILL give you a lot of health problems such as suppression of the immune system, digestive disorders, muscle tension, headaches, short term memory loss, fatigue, premature coronary artery disease and in severe cases it can even cause a heart attack⠀

4. If you don’t learn how to manage and treat it, it can lead to depression and even suicidal thoughts

5. Overthinking a situation impedes your judgement and performance ⠀

6. It can cause premature hair loss in males and females⠀

7. Overthinking causes loss of sleep (regular insomnia)

8. Overthinking creates a hormone imbalance⠀

9. If you second guess yourself CONSTANTLY you will always be living in a state of fear and anxiety

10. Overthinking leads to stress which in time can shrink the size of your prefrontal cortex (front of your brain) which controls things such as concentration, decision making, judgement and social interaction

It’s so easy to worry ourselves over things that haven’t even happened, but it’s also easy to learn how to control our thoughts and reign them in. The first step is becoming aware of what needs to be done. Keep an eye out for part 2 of this post where I’ll post a few tips on how to make it easier.

Let’s stop allowing our brains to control us and learn how to control our brains. 🧠 

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