Overthinking – Part 2.

Following on from my previous blog post, here are a few tips I’d like to share with you that have worked for me when it comes to managing your over-thinking tendencies.

1. Think of what can go right instead of what can go wrong. This shifts your thought process, calms your heart rate & improves your mood.

2. Positive activities like exercise, meditation, dancing, drawing, painting or anything similar that feels therapeutic. This distances your mind from issues & shuts down the over-analysis.

3. Perspective. Ask yourself “will it matter in 5 years?” If the answer’s no then it shouldn’t matter now.

4. Change your view of fear. Explain to yourself that just cz things didn’t work out before doesn’t mean that will be the outcome each time. Each situation is an opportunity to start fresh.

5. Set 10mins to write everything that’s worrying/stressing you, burn the paper & release the anxiety with that.

6. Realise you cannot predict the future. If you spend your present moment thinking about the future you are robbing yourself of your time right now.⠀

7. Accept your best. Honour yourself for doing things the way you have & understand there’s no time to think “I could’ve done better”. What can you do to change the past? Nothing. So why waste your energy focusing on it?

8. Gratitude. Keep making a list of things you’re grateful for until your mood changes.

9. Keep yourself busy.

10. TELL YOUR BRAIN NO. Sounds mad, but it works. If you find your brain focusing on things it shouldn’t, switch up & tell it to stop thinking about negative things & focus on something good. Weird at first but the more you do it, the more it works, & it’s the most powerful & long-lasting thing on this list.

Stay on top of your mental health, get quality sleep every night, keep yourself in the present and surround with people who have the qualities you wish to possess. 


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