“Asiya” AKA “Mamabasic”
Dubai based Blogger.

Haleema doesn’t just speak. She understands, listens, empathises, doesn’t judge and beams positivity. Her genuine bubbly and happy personality mixed with her first hand experiences in trauma, fuels her to really help others and she’s always done that for me. No matter how small I think my problem is, she’s able to break it down, help me process, notice things I never would have and always pulls ME out from being engulfed. It’s totally different talking to someone like Haleema who’s overcome harsh experiences  rather than someone who’s learnt what to say in a university degree. Totally respect this woman and what she speaks is 100% from her heart to help. There isn’t much people like that out there anymore. Don’t hesitate to invest in her services, especially because she’s never made me feel stupid or below average for not coping. Seek your non judgemental help today!

“Adam Cox”
Hypnotherapist & radio talk show host.

“Haleema was a guest on my radio show Modern Mindset and is not only an excellent speaker but is a great example of someone that has worked hard to battle mental health issues. Haleema is an excellent advocate for mental health and an inspirational positive voice of hope for many that are stuggling with depression, anxiety or mental health issues.”

“Marisa Mae”
Founder of Let’s Shatter The Taboo.

“Haleema spoke at two of my ‘Let’s Shatter the Taboo’ events and she has the ability to connect with the audience and share her story to help break the stigma around mental health and homelessness; her contribution to helping to shatter the taboo around these topics are simply profound. Haleema is a inspirational speaker and highly recommended.”

“Priscilla Casey”
Chef and TCYM Charity Founder.

Haleema was one of the guest speakers at The Chosen You Movement’s wealth and wellness event and she was fantastic! It was evident that the attendees were both inspired and empowered by Haleema’s words and she went above and beyond to prepare material that was both engaging and uplifting. Haleema is indeed a passionate mental health advocate and this is evident in the way she dedicates herself to her craft. I wish Haleema the very best moving forward and I look forward to witnessing her progression!

“Afrina Sheikh”
Student and young entrepreneur.

“Haleema has been my mentor since I was 14, and I’m 17 now. Throughout the past 3 years, I have progressed in Business and Education, as I’ve had Haleema to support me to strengthen my mindset. In the past, I struggled with mental health problems, especially anxiety during exams. However, Haleema gave me some strategies that helped me reduced my anxiety. After following this advice in Y12, when I applied to university in Y13, I was able to secure Russell Group university and apprenticeship offers due to Haleema’s support.
Lastly, I like how Haleema gives me catered advice, as opposed to giving everyone who is going through similar situations the same advice.”

“Reggie Akingbade”
Presenter/Talk-Show Host.

“It has been a pleasure working with Haleema over the years. She is hardworking, driven, and passionate about anything she touches. Right now she is in her element, inspiring thousands, as seen on SKY and other media platforms, by sharing her story about the trials and tribulations she had to overcome from being homeless, and a victim of other atrocities. The most inspiring thing about her is that she has used her story to empower not only herself, but whoever she comes into contact with. Looking forward to see what is next to come.”

“Leon Souza”
Actor, producer, creative writer.

“Haleema was a light in my life while I was going through depression myself. I met her when I was living in London and since the first day we met I could see her strength and knowledge about everything she experienced and the way she got out of it. She told me her story and after all — she was there. Once again being brave telling a stranger what she went through. I was working on a documentary about mental health at that time and when I invited her to be part of it, she accepted my invite straight away. It was amazing to work with her and she was so patient with me and my struggles to make that happen. She spoke with another friend and they both gave me the honor of being part of that project telling me their experiences with depression. I felt grateful and a lucky foreign who had the opportunity to work with such beautiful souls. I believe in her. She is a inspiring and strong woman who I’d do anything for. She’s absolutely great and speak very well when it comes to mental health.”